Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Prayer

During this time of year I get very tired. The summer months are always hard work and exhausting. It takes a mental and physical toll on me. By the month of November I've usually experienced so much stress that my health goes bad (I've got a cold), my outlook suffers (I worry about everything) and the prospect of the holidays fill me with dread. I don't like that feeling. I want to feel the hopefullness and anticipation that children have when we get near holidays. I don't like feeling, "Oh, now we have to do this stuff again." So, when the seasons began to change this year I decided to turn the TV off, make the house quiet and spend more time alone with my thoughts. I've taken a few long quiet drives and sat on the porch outside. Of course that naturally leads to reflection, meditation and prayer for me. Believe it or not, I'm a very introspective person.

While I was thinking through things this little prayer came to me. Its sorf of a generic, all-purpose little supplication, good for most life situations. It may seem a little weird, esoteric, New Agey and mystical to some people, but then again, so am I. It was special to me. If it has any meaning to you, I'm glad. If it doesn't, at least I've shared.

A Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Under the influence of Your Divine Intelligence and Love,

May the Universe resolve
To create and support the perfect and ideal reality
For myself, my family, and those whom I love.

Grant me the ability as Your child,
Through faith in You and unwavering belief,
To hold in my mind, with confidence,
The image of that total perfection.

May the Universe resolve
To resonate in harmony
With the sympathies of the Creator.
Those being the affections of
Love, Peace, Compassion,
Abundance, Prosperity, Beauty,
and Joy.

May the Universe resolve
To reveal miracles,
Both anticipated and unexpected.
May they burst forth as naturally
As a hidden spring in the desert
Or a cool breeze in the hot summer.

May they encourage the vitality and hope of life
As flowers that sprout through
The cover of icy snow.

May the Universe resolve
To extinguish suffering
Regardless of condition
Be it physical pain, emotional grief,
Or spiritual emptiness.

Eliminate the condition of despair
Recover from the hopelessness of loss.
Give comfort to those suffering pain
And move them to ease from the condition of disease.

May the Universe resolve
To provide for every need,
That there be no lack or want
In the heart or mind.
Allow such great abundance
That those with similar needs by provided for.

May the Universe resolve
To open doorways between
The Worlds temporal and eternal.
Allow the passage of celestial beings
As messengers and counselors.
Uncover our mortal eyes to the world of spirit
And grant us the grace to make welcome
Those heavenly visitors without fear or hesitation.

And may the Universe resolve
To diminish the causes of
Hate, anger, violence,
Greed and oppression.
May those who lust for such base desires
Develop a longing to retire
From such pursuits.

May they seek to rest from the weariness
Of such burdensome practices.
May each and every one
Be reminded of their humanity.
May they feel the need for compassion and humility.

And may the Universe resolve
To reveal the presence of God’s Breath
In each of us
Through the manifestation
Of this continuing prayer.