Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dear friends, I've made a life-changing decision. I've recently and suddenly changed jobs. I'm in a very hectic work and moving schedule. Posts to this blog will be very infrequent for the next few weeks. Please be patient with me during this change. I certainly could use all the emotional support I can get. Feel free to drop me an email at this new temporary address until things settle down.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Andy, The Silver Fox

This is my first attempt at including video clips in the blog. I usually don't do this because I doubt YouTube really needs my help to advertise and market its service. However, when I saw this clip of Andy, The Silver Fox, dishing gossip on the Regis and Kelly show, it made my heart sing.

I know that this video has nothing to do with art but I'm not opposed to offering commentary about pop culture and current events. I'm actually enthusiastic when the subject of the video is the CNN anchor of every gay man's dream (Rob Marciano doesn't count because he's a weather man). I'm certainly not suggesting that Andy is gay (merely hoping). He's a true professional and has never discussed such private matters in a public forum. I shouldn't speculate on such things. I know that I am sensitive about people making inferences about my private life and I don't like it at all. But, I would be so excited to find out that Andy was part of "the family". I think this clip may give us a little extra hope that he might be.

I think he sent us some signals when he agreed to appear on the Kathy Griffin show earlier this season. We all know that just watching "My Life on the D-List" means you're ninety percent gay. He actually appeared on the show. In this clip with Kelly he snipes and gossips. He shares his love of reality shows including "Project Runway". Its sounds to me like his TV is frequently tuned to the Bravo network. I think that might just tip the other ten percent. In this interview he even spouts one of Ms. Kathy's favorite favorite buzz words, "allegedly". It sounds to me like he's a fan. Its so much fun hearing Andy dish the dirt like a snarky queen instead of reporting how many politicians lied to us this week. I think he may have missed his calling. Wouldn't it be great if Bravo gave him his own talk show/current events show where he could let loose the inner Andy and give us so much fun. But, CNN and Washington probably wouldn't take him quite as seriously if he did such a thing.