Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Artwork in Prismacolor

It's finished. Here is the completed colored pencil drawing of the man in a blue towel. It's 12X16 prismacolor on gray Artagain paper. I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I promise it looks better when actually viewed. My photography skills and inadequate lighting don't do this justice. It is not yet framed so it doesn't lay as flat as it possibly could. I hope everyone enjoys it and sends lots of feedback. This one's for sale. Its also the first one that I signed with the "Gemini Art" moniker. I've used that on the blog and the website so often that I thought I should stick it on artwork so people can use it as a point of reference. I'm tired of pencils for a while. I'm going back to painting for the next artwork.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Painting Balls

Okay, does the silly title of this entry catch your attention? (giggle) Here's the story. I've lately felt my technique was getting a little rusty. I've been drawing and painting and practicing with various techniques but I've just not been happy with the results. So, I decided to take myself back to school, so to speak. Maybe it would be a good idea to practice the basics again for awhile. I recently bought a new book on painting portraits in acrylic (my primary interest as you know). It's a book by Lee Hammond, one of my favorites. Some may feel Hammond is sophomoric in her approach. Some may see her as a commercial sell-out rather than a legitimate artist. Trust me, I've thought the same thing. But, you have to admit, her books are sold on the same shelves as the heavy weights in drawing like Anthony Ryder and Burne Hogarth. I've learned a lot by reading her books. I'll stick with her a little longer. After this I'll try the exercises in painting individual features and practice with different color mixtures for a variety of skin tones. After that, I'll pick a subject and try again. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birtday, Gemini!

Yes, its true. Today I aged a year. However, the Gemini Art fans and family all got together on Saturday night to celebrate the big event. We ate at a local Japanese steak house. We had a great time. Then later we had birthday cake at home. Presents included a gift certificate for new art supplies, a bottle of wine and a beautiful art print that makes me cry when I read the sentiment printed on it. I'll update my age on the Blogger bio page soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Art Gallery Web Page Upgrade

Just a taste of the new and improved look.

As all good artists know, one of the keys to great art is the creator's ability to self edit. Using that as a motto I've taken a look at the old Gemini Art Gallery site. Its dark, bizarre and unfocused. I don't like it. After visiting a lot of gallery sites with art that I like I've begun a re-design that has a look that makes me more comfortable. I'm looking for two things in the new design. First, I want a more relaxed and inviting presentation. No modern, edgy, mysterious, or frighten-you-away-look will be included. I wanted a background color that makes you think of old parchment. I also wanted a limited palette of muted colors to take the edge off the emotional impact. I want the visitor to feel a more soothing atmosphere and presence. I also thought a touch of black and white imagery would give an "old-fashioned" feeling to it. I think the current black, orange and white of the current site is too intimidating and edgy. I feel like my work is more fantasy and romance driven. It's main subject is almost always the male figure, but it's a idealized aesthetic of the male figure.

The second thing I'm focusing on in the re-design is to show the viewer immediately that they are looking at an art gallery/album site. I've also edited out the work that is not good. I'm chunking the landscapes. I know they stink. I'm also putting thumbnails of my best work right on the front page. Hopefully the viewer will take fewer clicks to get to see the work they're interested in.

And, I'm gonna try to sell some work. I have a Paypal account and I plan to research how I can incorporate that into the site. I know lots of small online businesses use Paypal now. I think its a safe service. Its well established. Pricing the work? No idea. I'll start low because I acknowledge my amateur status. I'll also be willing to barter a little. I'll sell one real cheap in exchange for a flattering comment from a buyer I can post on the site.

If anyone out there has ideas for me on starting up a little art business, I'm all ears. I think it would be lots of fun to sell enough artwork to be able to keep myself supplied with canvas, paper, paint and brushes.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I Apologize

Readers, I'm very sorry about a mistake I made in the settings for this blog. It has been impossible for anyone to post comments. I've been surprised that there have been few comments made on the blog while I've been sent very nice compliments via email. I very carelessly set the comments to allow blogger members only to post messages. That was never my intention. I would love to hear from everyone who looks at the work on this site. I hope that there will be discussion generated now that I've made this little adjustment. Again, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Perhaps a few loyal readers will go back through their favorite posts and pictures and leave a comment. I always love hearing from people.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Drawing in Progress

Blue Eyes and Blue Towel

I hope this drawing proves to my audience out there that I actually have been working on some artwork. Again I'm dealing with my favorite subject, a beautiful man. Isn't that everyone's favorite subject? Hmmm, should be, if it isn't already. This is a Prismacolor drawing on Artagain gray tinted paper. I'd say this work is about 3/4 finished. I still need to finish the hands and towel. Then I'll go back in and really intensify some of the values. I really want the eyes to pop. I need a lot more detail in the hair and gotta smooth out the skin tones a little. If anyone out there sees something that needs correcting let me know. I aim to please. Also, if you see or know any great looking guys out there that are in desperate need of being made into artwork, send him my way.

The Great Experiement

Some artists would never dare show you their failures. Well, I'm a firm believer that if we don't learn from our mistakes we're bound to repeat them. This thing was a mistake and here is what I've learned. I won't try to create a painting with nothing but glazes ever again!! However, there are parts of the painting (such as the background) that achieved a luminosity and depth of tone I hadn't previously achieved. I was able to get a graduation of values I hadn't gotten before. But, here's the rub. Once you build up those intense darks, you can't come away from it. If I tried to put white back into the work, the opaque spot would suddenly stand out like a birth mark on the Mona Lisa.
This thing was only a little 8X10 experiment. It served its purpose. I learned my lesson (the hard way) and now it can be retired. It is soon going into the experimental artwork graveyard. So, if anyone wants the pitiful thing send me a note. I'll probably give it to you in exchange for a bottle of very cheap wine.