Monday, June 4, 2007

Drawing in Progress

Blue Eyes and Blue Towel

I hope this drawing proves to my audience out there that I actually have been working on some artwork. Again I'm dealing with my favorite subject, a beautiful man. Isn't that everyone's favorite subject? Hmmm, should be, if it isn't already. This is a Prismacolor drawing on Artagain gray tinted paper. I'd say this work is about 3/4 finished. I still need to finish the hands and towel. Then I'll go back in and really intensify some of the values. I really want the eyes to pop. I need a lot more detail in the hair and gotta smooth out the skin tones a little. If anyone out there sees something that needs correcting let me know. I aim to please. Also, if you see or know any great looking guys out there that are in desperate need of being made into artwork, send him my way.

1 comment:

Dancing Queen said...

I love the picture, Gemini, but how did you know what I look like without a shirt?