Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Artwork in Prismacolor

It's finished. Here is the completed colored pencil drawing of the man in a blue towel. It's 12X16 prismacolor on gray Artagain paper. I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I promise it looks better when actually viewed. My photography skills and inadequate lighting don't do this justice. It is not yet framed so it doesn't lay as flat as it possibly could. I hope everyone enjoys it and sends lots of feedback. This one's for sale. Its also the first one that I signed with the "Gemini Art" moniker. I've used that on the blog and the website so often that I thought I should stick it on artwork so people can use it as a point of reference. I'm tired of pencils for a while. I'm going back to painting for the next artwork.

1 comment:

Rudy said...

Awesome drawing! Keep up the good work. Using traditional pencil makes you a lot braver than me. I have never tried colour pencil before... too scary!