Thursday, June 7, 2007

Art Gallery Web Page Upgrade

Just a taste of the new and improved look.

As all good artists know, one of the keys to great art is the creator's ability to self edit. Using that as a motto I've taken a look at the old Gemini Art Gallery site. Its dark, bizarre and unfocused. I don't like it. After visiting a lot of gallery sites with art that I like I've begun a re-design that has a look that makes me more comfortable. I'm looking for two things in the new design. First, I want a more relaxed and inviting presentation. No modern, edgy, mysterious, or frighten-you-away-look will be included. I wanted a background color that makes you think of old parchment. I also wanted a limited palette of muted colors to take the edge off the emotional impact. I want the visitor to feel a more soothing atmosphere and presence. I also thought a touch of black and white imagery would give an "old-fashioned" feeling to it. I think the current black, orange and white of the current site is too intimidating and edgy. I feel like my work is more fantasy and romance driven. It's main subject is almost always the male figure, but it's a idealized aesthetic of the male figure.

The second thing I'm focusing on in the re-design is to show the viewer immediately that they are looking at an art gallery/album site. I've also edited out the work that is not good. I'm chunking the landscapes. I know they stink. I'm also putting thumbnails of my best work right on the front page. Hopefully the viewer will take fewer clicks to get to see the work they're interested in.

And, I'm gonna try to sell some work. I have a Paypal account and I plan to research how I can incorporate that into the site. I know lots of small online businesses use Paypal now. I think its a safe service. Its well established. Pricing the work? No idea. I'll start low because I acknowledge my amateur status. I'll also be willing to barter a little. I'll sell one real cheap in exchange for a flattering comment from a buyer I can post on the site.

If anyone out there has ideas for me on starting up a little art business, I'm all ears. I think it would be lots of fun to sell enough artwork to be able to keep myself supplied with canvas, paper, paint and brushes.

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