Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More books!

I'm sure there is some type of pathology I suffer from. Perhaps those of you smarter than I can figure it out. I just bought another couple of art technique books today. Regrettably, out of the hundreds of dollars I've spent on books, magazines, and various artistic media, I've never sold a piece of my work. Of course, I'm displayed on the walls of family and friends who love me (or feel sorry for me). I think its the adult equivalent of having your work put on the refrigerator door. You know, when the kids' drawing really isn't good enough to frame and stick on the wall, it temporarily goes on the refrigerator. Same here. I realize I'm not up to professional level yet, but, I keep trying.

I haven't bought near this many books related to my profession. Can you imagine how good I would be at my real life job if I studied it as much as I do drawing and painting. Perhaps I should think of it this way. Art for me is a stress reliever, a distraction from the daily grind. Its a means for me to stretch my imagination, explore and create in a medium that is completely unrelated to my career. I guess it could be argued that it makes me better at work because I have a hobby, a diversionary interest. My hobby may be expensive, but its a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy, huh?

Therapy, huh? I did that once, ya know? Can't say it helped as much as painting. And I enjoy painting a whole lot more than the therapy, too.

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