Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Superheroes

I voted early today. I just had to be part of the Super Tuesday primary. Now, I'm not saying who I voted for. But, I will say, "IT WASN'T A REPUBLICAN!!!". I realize that I live in a backwater pseudo-state that barely has enough delegates or electors to make a difference in an election for class president, BUT, I'll be darned if some ignorant, snaggle-toothed, religiously fanatical torch-wielding villager will be allowed to have a say in this election while I sit idly by without letting my voice be heard.

Our little town here only has 7,000 people in it. There are already more than a thousand people who have voted early. Wow, I've never seen such a turnout for an election around here. I encourage everyone to speak up this year. Don't let the GOP elect another old white guy. This year they appear to be on the verge of electing the oldest, whitest, sickest, meanest old goat they've had in decades (and I thought Junior and Lord Vader were bad).

Now, I'm not telling anyone how to vote. Its not my place. We're all entitled to our opinions, even when they might not be correct. But, if you want to vote with the Gemini Art guy, don't vote GOP. Beware of any ballot with the names of mean old white guys on it. Isn't it time we tried something different? It'll be okay. Just do it.

I found two lovely photo portraits of possible candidates to vote for. Take your pick. Vote for one or the other, or both (if you can get away with it). But, whatever you do, don't sit home and do nothing about it. Do not let the uninformed and misled masses make this decision without you.

I'm the Gemini Art guy, and I approve this message.

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