Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Off Center Is Not That Easy

Wow! I was so excited to see the change in the old place. There was more than just a fresh coat of paint. There was a new sense of life. The most noticeable change was an energy and excitement brought on by the house band playing. Cody Belew covered a pop-rock repertoire with a live band that kept the crowd very happy.

The crowd was shoulder to shoulder. Of course, part of this was brought on by the absence of a cover charge and free drinks for the first hour of the evening. I’m sure things will settle down soon. If tonight is any indication of what is to come, Little Rock is in for a treat. Patrons that want a comfortable smoke-free environment with great music now have a place to come.

The regular cast of characters was there with a few new additions. There was one very heart felt absence, of course. We miss you Buddy. But, it was like old home week after the place has been closed for the last couple months. I never go out on a work night. Who parties on a week night? I felt so rebellious. It was fun. There’s more to look forward to on the weekends now.

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GND said...

Amen, Alan. I totally agree with your thoughts. What an enjoyable evening!!!