Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Volcano

I can't believe I did this. The guidebook said one of the best "free shows" in Vegas is to watch the Mirage volcano erupt in the evening. It was okay. I wouldn't describe it as great.

Of course, this was the final event we attended after having walked up and down The Strip a number of times and rode the Monorail until our butts were numb.

At first we thought the volcano (actually a fountain that rumbles, turns an eerie orange, and belches flame at the very end) was scheduled to erupt every fifteen minutes. Boy, were we wrong! We saw a sizable crowd standing around the fountain staring expectantly at the splashing water. Occasionally we'd here a rumble and we'd get our hopes up. Then after almost thirty minutes of waiting (not fifteen) the steaming, splashing and rumbling really cut loose. At the last minute a few flames spouted here and there. There was a slight smattering of applause as if a real performance had occurred. I couldn't help but wonder, "Who are we clapping for? Who's grateful for the applause, the ducks?" But, I'm glad I can say I saw the Mirage fountain. Its one of those touristy things you just have to do if you're in town. Besides, this was a shared experience and my company was great.

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