Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gemini Art International

Once again I've been contacted by a viewer who is from "across the pond". The latest international fan is from Italy. I was excited about the contact. His email was very sweet (or should I say molto dolcissimo). He said he had seen some of my work on this blog and on the gallery site and admired it. He also requested that I link to his site in exchange for a link on his.

I normally don't link to the site of bloggers or artists that I haven't personally met. I want links on my site to be connected to legitimate artwork and people who truly love art. I would never want to link to a site that would offend some of my more conservative readers. However, Freddie (Federico actually) was so complementary and charming that he has ultimately persuaded me. He reassured me that his site would not display anything inappropriate. I've checked his site and see that he shares the same interests that I do. However, he focuses more on photography and is a little more contemporary in his tastes than I. But, who can resist a charming Italian man?

I started thinking about it and realized that Freddie's just a regular guy like me who enjoys sharing the stories and pictures of his daily life. I also remembered that I live next door to a city that calls itself the, "sister city of Cisterna, Italy." So, in the spirit of goodwill and global community I've excepted Freddie's request. I'm opening a new section of links on the site. So, check out Freddie's link in the new "International" section.

Viva Italia!

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