Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow Day

We so rarely get snow where I live that when we do it becomes an "event". I'm sure in the north this little wintry puff is just an ordinary occurrence but here in the south it is treated almost like a national holiday. People skip work, schools close, fireplaces light up, mom's cook huge hot breakfasts.

Of course, there are reasons for this. My northerner friends complain to me that we in the south just don't know how to cope with it. We don't have the equipment to clear the roads. We don't know how to use the equipment to clear the roads. We don't know how to drive in this weather so we're a risk to ourselves and the public safety. Our houses aren't built with enough weather-proofing and insulation. Therefore, we simply have a winter "freak-out" when we see a few white flakes.

Be that as it may. I think its one of the little gifts of life every time this happens. I think nature has a way of cooling things down when the machinery of life starts to overheat. Things like this serve as a cosmic "time out." This is mother nature saying, "Go to your room, take a nap, and don't come out until I say so." So, who am I to disagree?

This won't last long for us. This is the month of March in the south. Already the temperature is above freezing and the big puffs and drifts of snow are wilting and drooping into dripping slush piles. So, as soon as it was light enough outside to get pictures, I ran out in my PJs and snapped a few. I hope you enjoy them.

We southerners may not know how to deal with winter weather. But, I would argue that the northerners just don't know how to appreciate it.

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