Thursday, November 20, 2008

OMG! The Final Frontier Was Never This Sexy

Hey, friends! You know what a huge Trek geek I am. I was furious when I heard that a new movie was being made featuring the ST:OS characters without the original cast. How dare they defile such an exquisite and perfect piece of American science fiction history. Why, the Great Bird of the Galaxy (Roddenberry) would roll over in his grave (but he was cremated and shot into orbit) if he had seen this.

But, I was so wrong. I was breathless after watching this very slick and adrenaline pumping trailer. I loved that first mysterious “Enterprise in the construction yard” thing that they first put out but was still skeptical when I saw the boy toy cast that was going to be playing my childhood heroes. Then I saw this little gem of a trailer today. I can’t tell you how many times I gasped while I watched the kid in the car go over the cliff, the fight between Kirk and Spock, the original clunky ship zipping across the screen as if it really were aerodynamic. Wow!

If you, my dear readers, bear any love for me at all, you will share in my joy about this new prequel. Let’s boldly go to this new movie. WOW!

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