Sunday, November 9, 2008

My New Muse

Gemini Art is finally getting back to making and posting artwork. This is my first drawing since the move so its very special to me. Its also special to me because the subject is one of the new friends I’ve met here. He was very generous to allow me to use a photo of him as a reference for this drawing. I generally use references found online of celebrities and such. This is the first drawing I’ve made using a completely original model and photo that I’ve taken myself.

This drawing is based on one of the photos taken on Halloween night (see Helluva Halloween). The room was dark and my flash was over exposing most of the pictures. There was a lot of activity and most of the pictures were blurry. But, this one turned out okay enough to draw from.

I won’t reveal too much about the model here. I think we should respect his privacy. But, I will say that he has become the class sweetheart of our little supper club. Not only is he a beautiful guy, he’s also one of the friendliest and nicest fellas you’ll ever meet. I believe all of us are a little protective of him. He’s a truly lovely person and I’m honored that he allowed me to draw his picture. No matter how pretty the picture it doesn’t do justice to his sweet and friendly personality.

There are some great technical strengths to this piece. I’ve tried to incorporate more of Anthony Ryder’s techniques in this work. I’ve tried to make better use of the encapsulating line to bound the form. I like the look it gives. The work stands out from the page stronger that my previous drawings. I feel there execution of the ear and hair are the greatest parts of the face. The modeling of the arm and shoulder are much better than I’ve accomplished previously also. I worked the fabric folds differently than I usually do. Instead of simply drawing and shading, I used a lot more eraser work to highlight the folds.

Regrettably the likeness isn’t as accurate as I usually accomplish. I definitely missed on the angle and length of the nose. Had this been a commissioned portrait I would had to start again. I attempted to draw some of the vascularity in his bicep. But, one of the viewers thought they looked like scars. In the future I need to try a different technique or try for a more delicate execution of those features.

I hope you enjoy the work. Leave a comment if you like. Also, if you are acquainted with the model, send him your compliments.

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Anonymous said...

Alan, you are too kind. I hope we can work together again soon. The portrait looks great! Maybe I should I commission you for a piece of art of my own. hmm

--The Model