Saturday, December 30, 2006

Party Time?

Isn't it interesting that you can go for months without so much as a phone call and then suddenly have two party invitations on the same evening. Well, that's the magic of the holiday season I suppose. One invitation is from my friends from work. The other invitation is from people I've just met. So now I'm in the difficult position of trying to decide which lovely group of people I'll have to disappoint. It's a hard decision. I certainly don't have a multitude of friends banging down my door. So it would be a good idea to use the chance to expand my social network. But, at the same time, the people at work are like family. I have great relationships with them and want to maintain that. We don't meet together socially very often so when the chance arises, I shouldn't miss it. There's no doubt about which invitation I accepted. I'll be joining my friends from work.

I've always been awkward around crowds (especially new crowds). I'm surprised I've been as succesful in my career as I have where I'm surrounded by and speak to large groups of people on a regular basis. I'm not going to over-analyze my decision too much. These are the holidays and its meant to be enjoyed. So, if I have the choice between being among loyal friends or being in a awkward and uncertain situation, I'll choose the sure thing. Wouldn't you?

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