Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year / Daily Painter's Art Blog

My world is getting bigger. Over the last couple of days I've explored a few other blogs just to see what was out there. I sat down around noon and didn't get up from the computer until after 3:00PM. And to think that one of my New Year's goals is to lose a little weight and get more fit. That was certainly not the way to do it. From the length of my posts you can see I love to write. But, if I'm seriously gonna stick to my resolutions I'm gonna have to get up from the computer screen and move. As much as I love art and love to paint, I'll need to put the brushes down and pick up a dumbbell occasionally.

Now, back to the original point. While I was lost in the blogosphere I found my way to the most amazing artist site called the "Daily Painter's Art Blog." This site displays new artwork produced by artists on a daily basis (hence the name). Being an amateur, I was blown away by the idea that there are people out there with the talent, imagination and creativity to produce very succesful work on a daily basis. I must admit to a little envy. How great it would be to leave behind the world of "working for the man" and live in a world of painting and creativity. But, I'm just a little too attached to my regular paychecks to risk the life of a starving artist. I'm not saying that I couldn't sell my paintings, but I've not sold one yet. I think actually selling work is necessary if I'm one day hoping to make a living at it.

I said all that to say this. Daily Painter's Art Blog is a special site. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to check it out. After today this blog will carry the Daily Painter's link.

Happy New Year!!!!

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