Monday, January 1, 2007

Gridiron Warrior

Its about time to get down to the real business of this website, my artwork. Here is the first piece I would like to share with you. I've called it The Gridiron Warrior. Now I'm still learning my technique, but the bizarre thing about this piece is that it was one of my first figure paintings and it has really been my most successful. What's not visible in this photo is the beautiful luminous, translucence of the skin due to the layers of glazing I used. This work took me a long time to create. But this figure was so beautiful I couldn't stop working with it. Every time I passed the easel I'd see a highlight to be added or a hint of ruddiness to add to his skin. I'd deepen a shadow or soften an edge. But, because I'm not God and I couldn't ultimately create a man real enough to step off the page I finally said "enough" and stopped working on it. In the words of one of my great inspirations from the Renaissance, "a painting is never finished, only abandoned" (Leonardo Da Vinci). I hope you enjoy it and hope to hear any critique or compliments (yes, I'm fishing for one) you may have.

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