Monday, February 26, 2007

Vegas Bound!

Gee, today was tough at work. So, I've decided to focus on something positive, my upcoming vacation. In a few weeks I'll be headed to Las Vegas. I've been to Vegas twice before. The first time I went alone (not fun). The second time I went with family (only a little more fun). This time I'll be going with a friend.

The first two trips I stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton. I indulged my geeky Star Trek fanaticism. But as we all know, Vegas isn't about Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. Its about worldly, decadant self-indulgence and this time I plan to thoroughly indulge. On my first trip I visited the other casino hotels. The one that stood out in my mind featured lush tropical gardens and a swimming pool that could be mistaken for a small lake. We'll be staying in the Mirage. The Mirage is the former home of Siegfried and Roy. I figured that if the Mirage has made those guys welcome for so many years, I'll fit in just fine.

Today's artwork is a portrait of a young man by the pool. I appropriately call it "Poolboy." I know there is really no great deep meaning in this work other than a simple admiration of masculine beauty. I painted this work a few years ago but decided to post it today in anticipation of what I might see around the pool at the Mirage. Its something to look forward to, right?

The medium is acrylic painted in watercolor technique on watercolor paper. Its painted from a photo I found. My personal technique is not sufficient to paint from a live model yet. But, I'd love to try. I work so slowly and fuss over the details too much to use live models. If I did, the model would be a geriatric and I'd owe him my life savings by the time we finished the sitting. I know, I know, I should practice drawing a little everyday to develop my eye/hand coordination. But, gotta work for a living you know. If painting paid the bills. . . . .

Let me know what you think.

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