Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Spring Time, Don't ya know?

I enjoyed Vegas so much. I've got even more pictures of Vegas to share. However, I'm ready for a change of topic. If you haven't noticed, spring time is here. The flowers are blooming, things are turning green and I'm coming out of my annual winter funk.

Along with the flowers, romance is blooming around here. If you haven't been growing your flowers or growing your romance, you should check in with me more often. I can let you know how its done.

We've had a little cold snap that has bit the flowers but they'll be back in shape in no time. But, while things have been frosty in the garden the romance has been warm and cozy. Stay tuned for more about Vegas. To see more of the garden pictures, click on the Flickr link. I've uploaded a large set of garden pictures to my photo album.

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