Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucuses and Primaries.....Colors

Today is the big day of the Iowa caucuses. Gosh, do I have to tell you how annoyed I am that two states (Iowa and New Hampshire) and Wolf Blitzer get to determine which people I can vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. Isn't it bad enough that I live in a state that has such a low electoral vote count that none of the candidates give a Yankee doodle damn whether any of us here vote or not. I realize that I live in a little backwater forgotten part of the country, but we're still governed by the same constitution and laws, right? Then why shouldn't my vote be just as important as a guy from California, Florida, or New York. I'll tell you why. The candidate that California voters pick gets hundreds of times more electoral votes than my state. Oh well, at least we've sent them a republican candidate that is causing the biggest headache since Nancy bought new White House china.

On to happier, more fun things, like artwork. I've started working with oils. Little more than experimenting right now. When I start a new medium I work on technique. I practice basic skills much like a musician practices their individual part before they jump into playing a symphony. So, in this little painting I've painted a simple cylinder. I've used only primary colors plus their tints and shades to model the forms. I did use a little green to mix a complimentary neutral with the red. I also darkened the blue shadow with some burnt sienna in the mix. I've also added my new snazzy Gemini Art logo to the bottom. Hope you like.

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