Monday, January 7, 2008

New Artist Link

I have a new artist acquaintance. Links to his various sites are being added to this blog. I hope everyone will check out his work.

Alex Ojeda is a photographer working in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area. His black and white photography demonstrates a real mastery of light. The composition and value balances in the prints are expertly handled and are rich with texture. Alex's portfolio of work includes a variety of subjects from still life and architecture to portraiture. (The embedded photo, "Grief", is used by the permission of the artist, Alex Ojeda)

As a person, Alex is very friendly and willing to help a fellow artist. He has given me several suggestions on improving the marketing of my artwork. Alex speaks intelligently about his work and has a genuine interest in learning more about the medium. I expect that anyone working with Alex for comissioned work would likely have a very positive experience.

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