Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doing Digital

I've recently found a site called Deviant Art. I know, I know. The name of the site sounds suspicious, but believe me, it's not. I t mainly focuses on non-traditional artists. It's a clearing house for photographers, painters of all sorts, and digital artists. I've lately become fascinated by the digital artists. They are truly the innovators and pioneers of modern artists. Most of them share my love for fantasy art. That follows, doesn't it? People who love science fiction and fantasy usually love computers. Hence, their art medium becomes the new digital technology out there. One of the features that I love about Deviant Art (DA its commonly referred to) is that it allows for artists to compose tutorials and post them along side the artwork. Its a wonderful online community there. The spirit of collaboration is amazing. Its so supportive and encouraging. I've recently downloaded some tutorials on making digital art with Photoshop. I only have Photoshop Elements which is a stripped down version. But, most of the features are there. I also have an inexpensive WACOM pen tablet. That's what many of the artists say they use. I'm experimenting. If I get a piece completed I'll post it. I'll probably start a separate blog for the digital material. I understand that ArtBlogs4U is opposed to listing digital art. So, I'll give you the link when I do it.

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Rudy said...

Can't wait to see the results. It may even be a good experiment to try Mr. Pink Trunks in digital format using your same methodology.